Evolution Crazy Time: An Engaging Live Casino Experience

Crazy Time has become a sensation in the world of online live casino gaming, especially in the Philippines. This unique game, blending the thrill of a game show with the classic casino experience, has captured the attention of players with its dynamic gameplay and potential for big wins. In this blog post, we will dive deep into what makes Crazy Time exceptional and how you can maximize your enjoyment and winning potential.

Crazy Time in the Philippines A Comprehensive Guide


Crazy Time is not just another online casino game; it’s a groundbreaking live presenter game show that combines the thrill of live entertainment with the anticipation of substantial monetary rewards. Its inception was at the ICE Exhibition in London in 2020, where it was described as “a carnival of activity” and “the most fun casino game ever made”

What is the Crazy Time: Mechanics of Crazy Time

At its core, Crazy Time is a live casino game featuring a Dream Catcher-style money wheel with 54 distinct segments. These segments offer various money prizes ranging from 1x to 10x and include four unique and utterly different bonus rounds: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time itself.

The Appeal of Live Interaction

One of the most alluring aspects of Crazy Time is the live interaction between the presenter and the players. This real-time engagement adds a layer of excitement and authenticity that you simply can’t find in traditional online slot games. The presenter’s role in building suspense and creating a lively atmosphere cannot be overstated. It’s this human element that makes Crazy Time more than just a game; it’s a live entertainment experience.

How to Play and Win at Crazy Time

Embarking on the Crazy Time adventure is straightforward, yet mastering it requires a blend of luck and strategy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the game, enhancing your understanding and, potentially, your success.

Getting Started with Crazy Time


Finding the Game: Crazy Time is accessible in the casino lobby of online casinos that host Evolution Live Casino games. It’s advisable to choose a reputable casino for a safe and enjoyable experience. Such as Hawk Gaming and Okbet.

How to Play and Win at Crazy Time

Placing Bets
:When the game loads, you’ll be greeted with various betting options. You can place bets on four different numbers (1, 2, 5, or 10) and four unique bonus rounds (Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, or Crazy Time). As highlighted in our previous guide, each bet type offers different rewards and experiences.

Getting Started with Crazy Time

Crazy Time Spin Mechanics and Outcomes

  • Wheel Spinning: After bets are placed, the live host spins the giant wheel. Each spin is a new opportunity, with the wheel stopping on either a number or a bonus round .
  • Top Slot Multipliers: Before each spin, the Top Slot above the wheel spins in parallel. If it aligns with a chosen bet, it adds a multiplier, potentially increasing your winnings substantially.
Crazy Time Spin Mechanics and Outcomes
  • Outcome 1 – Landing on a Number: If the wheel stops on a number you bet on, you win. If there’s an active Top Slot multiplier, your payout increases accordingly. The game then resets for another betting round.
  • Outcome 2 – Entering a Bonus Round: Landing on a bonus round segment activates the respective bonus game for players who bet on it. Those who didn’t bet on the bonus round can watch the excitement unfold.

Tips for Winning at Crazy Time

  • Bet on Bonus Rounds: To maximize winning potential, it’s crucial to bet on bonus rounds. These segments offer the most significant wins and are the game’s highlight.
  • Understand the Probability: Each segment on the wheel has a set probability of being hit. Knowing these can help you make informed betting decisions.
  • Balanced Betting Strategy: While betting on bonus rounds is enticing, balancing your bets across numbers and bonus rounds can help manage risk and maintain a steady bankroll.

Crazy Time is a game of chance, but understanding its mechanics and having a strategy can enhance your playing experience. As with any gambling activity, it’s important to play responsibly and within your means.

Evolution Crazy Time Result Today

For Evolution Crazy Time results, resources such as Tracksino and CasinoScores are indispensable. These platforms offer live updates and comprehensive statistics, crucial for players who wish to stay informed. Let’s delve into what today’s Crazy Time results entail:

crazy time result

The Benefits of Knowing Today’s Crazy Time Results:

  • Strategic Betting Adjustments: By monitoring which bonus rounds are hitting more often today, you can strategically tweak your betting patterns. This proactive approach allows you to potentially capitalize on prevailing trends and increase your chances of success.
  • Optimal Timing for Play: Observing the pattern of today’s Crazy Time results, especially the frequency of significant wins, can guide you on the best time to participate in the game. Engaging during a period of frequent big wins enhances your playing experience and winning potential.

Staying informed about today’s Crazy Time results is not just about keeping up with the game; it’s about strategically positioning yourself to make the most of the day’s trends and opportunities.

The Role of Crazy Time RTP, Odds, and Probability

  • Crazy Time RTP: Crazy Time offers an RTP range between 94.41% and 96.08%, with an average of 95.41% for all bets. This RTP indicates the percentage of wagered money the game is expected to return to players over time.
  • Volatility: Crazy Time is known for its high volatility, meaning it often gives out smaller wins or ‘dead spins,’ but occasionally pays out spectacularly.

Understanding the Crazy Time Wheel and Its Segments

The Crazy Time wheel is a fascinating aspect of the game, offering a kaleidoscope of opportunities for players. Here, we delve into its structure and the potential it holds for every spin.

The Structure of the Wheel

Crazy Time’s wheel consists of 54 segments, a deliberate design that balances regular number wins with the exhilarating chance of hitting a bonus round. Each segment either displays a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or symbolizes one of the four enthralling bonus rounds (Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, or Crazy Time). The distribution of these segments is not random; it’s meticulously calculated to create an engaging and dynamic gaming experience.

Segment Distribution and Hit Frequency

Here’s a breakdown of the wheel’s segments and their respective hit frequencies:

  • Number Segments:
    • 1 (21 segments): Hit frequency of 38.89%
    • 2 (13 segments): Hit frequency of 24.07%
    • 5 (7 segments): Hit frequency of 12.96%
    • 10 (4 segments): Hit frequency of 7.41%
  • Bonus Rounds:
    • Pachinko (2 segments): Hit frequency of 3.70%
    • Cash Hunt (2 segments): Hit frequency of 3.70%
    • Coin Flip (4 segments): Hit frequency of 7.41%
    • Crazy Time (1 segment): Hit frequency of 1.85%

Understanding Payouts

The payouts for each segment vary significantly:

  • Numbers: Payouts range from 1:1 for the number 1 up to 10:1 for the number 10.
  • Bonus Rounds: These can offer substantial wins, with potential payouts reaching up to €500,000, depending on the bonus round and the multipliers involved.

The Thrill of the Bonus Rounds

While the number segments offer more frequent wins, the true excitement lies in the bonus rounds. Each bonus round is an opportunity to win big, with the Crazy Time segment being the most lucrative yet the least frequent. The unpredictability of these segments adds an extra layer of suspense to every spin of the wheel.

Understanding the structure and mechanics of the Crazy Time wheel is crucial for both enjoying the game and devising a strategy. Each spin brings a new set of possibilities, making Crazy Time a thrilling and dynamic experience for all players.

The Thrill of the Bonus Rounds

The Four Exciting Bonus Rounds of Crazy Time

Crazy Time is renowned for its bonus rounds, each offering unique gameplay and the potential for substantial wins. Let’s unravel the details of these exciting bonus rounds.

Crazy Time – Coin Flip Bonus Round

The Coin Flip is the most frequently occurring bonus round in Crazy Time. It’s triggered when the wheel lands on one of the four blue segments labeled ‘Coin Flip’. Players with active bets on this round will participate, while others watch the action unfold.

  • The Process: A random multiplier is assigned to each side of a coin (blue and red). The presenter then flips the coin into the Flip-o-Matic machine. The side facing up determines the winning multiplier.
  • Potential Winnings: This bonus can pay up to 5000x, especially if a Top Slot multiplier of 50x carries over into the round. A ‘Rescue Flip’ may occur if the assigned multipliers are low, offering a second chance at a higher payout.
The Four Exciting Bonus Rounds of Crazy Time

Crazy Time – Pachinko Bonus Round

In the Pachinko bonus round, the player’s involvement is passive, as the outcome relies entirely on the path of a puck in a large pegged wall.

  • Gameplay: The presenter drops the puck from a randomly selected zone at the top. The puck bounces down the wall, eventually landing in one of the prize zones at the bottom.
  • Multiplier Zones: Each landing zone has a multiplier or the word ‘Double.’ If the puck lands on ‘Double,’ all multipliers are doubled in value, and the puck is dropped again. This process can lead to a maximum multiplier of 10,000x.
Crazy Time - Pachinko Bonus Round

Crazy Time Bonus Round

The Crazy Time bonus round is the most lucrative, occurring when the wheel lands on the lone Crazy Time segment.

  • The Virtual Wheel: Players are taken to a large virtual wheel filled with multipliers and ‘Double’ and ‘Triple’ symbols.
  • Choosing a Flapper: Players choose one of three colored flappers (Blue, Green, or Yellow). The segment where the flapper stops determines the prize.
  • Increasing Multipliers: If the flapper stops on a ‘Double’ or ‘Triple,’ the multipliers increase accordingly, and the wheel is spun again for those players. The round ends when a multiplier is landed on.
Crazy Time Bonus Round

Crazy Time – Cash Hunt Bonus Round

Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery game featuring a large screen with 108 random multipliers. Players aim and shoot at a symbol, revealing a hidden multiplier.

  • Player Interaction: Unlike other rounds, Cash Hunt involves direct player interaction as they choose their target to shoot.
  • Random Multipliers: Each symbol on the board hides a random multiplier, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the round.
Crazy Time - Cash Hunt Bonus Round


Crazy Time has redefined the landscape of live casino gaming, offering a unique blend of excitement, interaction, and potential for big wins. This game is not just about spinning a wheel; it’s about experiencing the thrill of a live game show, complete with engaging hosts and diverse betting opportunities.

Encouraging Responsible Play

As with any form of gambling, playing responsibly is crucial. Set limits for yourself, both in terms of time and money, and stick to them. The joy of Crazy Time lies in the experience, not just the outcome.

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